Q1:  How long does it take to get an application approved?

A1:  Approximately 30 days – sooner if possible.

Q2:  Do I have to submit a product sample?

A2:  No but it is highly suggested that you send some key samples along with your application for review.  If approved to sub-license, there are contractual obligations to send eight samples.  Samples already received will be deducted from the total amount required.

Q3:  How does the application process work?

A3:  J.America will hold quarterly product review meetings.  Your application, catalog, and samples will be reviewed and approved at that time.

Q4.  Does JA approve SL for LIDS suppliers?

A4.  Yes.  JA is the Master Licensor and JA approves all sub licensing applications.  LIDS is a retailer only.  LIDS can purchase products from only J.America or a Sub Licensee.

Q5. Will JA require advance fees or guarantees upon execution of SL Agreements?

A5.  Yes for most companies.  The advance amount in most cases, both will be determined upon application, product uniqueness, term, market saturation, samples, and annual forecast.

Q6.  Can any company apply for SL for any product and distribution channel?

A6.  Yes.  All product categories and distribution channels are open for SL opportunities.  If you are applying for a license to sell to the Mid-Tier or Mass Channels, you need to show evidence of a pending order such as a buyer testimonial.

Q8.  If my company is awarded a SL Agreement, do I need to forward pre-production or production samples?

A8.  Yes.  All sub licensees are required to submit pre-production or a production sample for each approved style.